Ideas and Inspiration for Your New Kitchen

Kitchen IdeasOnce you’ve made the decision to renovate your kitchen, it’s time to start gathering ideas and inspiration for your kitchen. Unless you have a specific dream kitchen in mind, it’s a good idea to gather different ideas online from different kitchens, and combine them all for the perfect kitchen for you.

There’s numerous resources available to help you find ideas for your dream kitchen. Using the internet is the best option, as it’s easy to store and collect your ideas online as oppose to physical print-offs and sheets.

Take a look below at our suggested sites and tools to use for looking for and storing your kitchen ideas.


This is our number one recommendation for getting inspiration and ideas for your dream kitchen. Pinterest is full of pictures and articles for a range of categorizes – from makeup and hair to recipes and exercises. There are plenty of kitchen ideas you can get from on here, such as:

Once you’ve found some images you like, you can create your own board within Pinterest. Just like above, you can choose to separate different kitchen styles in different Pinterest boards.

Google search

Another option for finding different kitchen ideas and inspiration is to use your Google search tool. You can search for different styles – such as ‘vintage’ or ‘colour themed’ – to make it specific to what you have in mind for your new kitchen. Unlike Pinterest though, where you can easily store these images, you’ll either have to save the website link which you found it on, or you’ll have to save the image individually onto your own computer.

Kitchen design companies

This is the best idea if you plan to be working with a local kitchen designer. You can look at local kitchen design companies in your area and take a look at their portfolio of work. This will not only help with ideas and inspirations, it may also help you decide which Melbourne kitchen design company to use for the job.