Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Eco-Friendly Kitchen IdeasMore and more people throughout Australia are choosing to be environmentally friendly in their lifestyle choices.

From recycling more papers and magazines to re-using old cardboard boxes and shopping bags, there’s many different things one can do in their home to be friendlier to the environment.

Being environmentally friendly also extends to your kitchen renovation – it’s easy to get an eco-friendly kitchen!

Take a look below at our top tips for renovating your kitchen to be green and eco-friendly.

Renovating your kitchen the ‘green’ way

Use eco-friendly paints

If you’re repainting your kitchen, make sure you use natural/eco-friendly paints. Not only is this more friendly to our environment, it prevents harmful gases from being emitted. There are plenty of companies in Australia that offer eco-friendly house paints for sale.

Buy energy star appliances

When it comes to buying any new kitchen appliance, you have the option to buy a certified Energy Star appliance. This means less electricity is used, so you save money on the power bill too.

Use recycled materials

Using recycled and/or second hand hardware during your kitchen renovation will not only be the ‘eco-friendly’ option, it will also help you save money. Recycled and second hand hardware is also perfect if you’re looking to implement a vintage inspired kitchen.

Buy energy efficient lighting

If you’re updating your kitchen lighting during your renovation, be sure to opt for energy efficient lighting solutions. Again, this is not only a great eco-friendly option but you can save money on your power bill too! Energy efficient lighting comes in a range of options (shapes and styles) so you don’t have to sacrifice a great look to be eco-friendly.

These are only some of the many options you can follow for a ‘environmentally friendly kitchen renovation’. Take a look online for more ideas and inspiration.